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Care For The 


Step up and offer basic essentials to the homeless today

What is Care For 
The Homeless

According to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), there is an average of 300 cases of homelessness identified by the ministry annually on average. Provide the unsheltered homeless men and women; both young and old, with our Welfare Kits. 

Why Should We

Living on the streets comes with multiple challenges such as using the public restrooms for a shower, or using makeshift cardboards as a mattress at night. When morning comes, they will have to pack their belongings in a bag and bring it with them. Unfortunately, this is the reality for some of our Singaporeans.

How Your Contribution Works

With just $50, you can help provide temporary relief to the homeless in Singapore. Each kit contains a water bottle, backpack, sleeping bag, toiletries and snacks, including a hot meal. Help the less privileged around us by providing them with basic essentials to improve their standard of living.

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I've been homeless for three years. It's hard for someone like me to find a job due to my age. Because of this, I can't even afford to buy basic necessities. I was very thankful to receive the food and the kit, which I really needed for my personal hygiene.  

Mr Andrew, 
Care For Homeless Beneficiary 


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Provide them with tools to upgrade themselves

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 Inclusive and caring society by encouraging graciousness

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Ensure no one goes  hungry, that could last a month


Provide free meals to those in need during their struggle.