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What is Ehsan for the Disabled about?

Global Ehsan Relief believes in embracing diversity. We want to effectively include the differently-abled people by supporting them to live independently and be productive members of society. This project aims to provide relief to the differently-abled people facing sensory and physical disabilities.


We are fundraising for assistive devices such as mobility aids, hearing aids and other features of devices to help them perform daily tasks. You can help equip lower-wage Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) with these devices to ease their struggles. Please consider making a donation to empower and uplift the disabled community.

 Help us raise $30,000 to purchase Assistive Devices 

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A New Initiative!

Wheelchair Sponsorship

Travelling through the MRT platform and being blocked by the crowd. Purchasing daily essentials in cramped lanes. These are some common daily issues people with mobility disability encounter that we may never think about. More than that, they also face financial challenges to keep up with daily living.

Provide an PWD with a wheelchair, allowing them to move around with ease. 

Some of them have limited resources to purchase one of their own and have to rely on external help to commute. Most of our beneficiaries have mobility issues & require a personal mobility aid. 

$150 for partial sponsorship

$300 for full sponsorship

When Mdm Fatimah (not real name) loses her ability to walk, she began to depend on external factors for her necessities. The 70-year-old frail lady is now living with a daughter with special needs. Often, she would call to buy groceries from the uncle at the nearby convenience store who would then deliver goods to her doorstep. 

Mdm Fatimah told us, “Don’t request too much…I am contented with what I have now." She added, "I thank God for the sustenance He’s giving us,”

Imagine the ordeal of having to travel further if she's incapable of even going to the shops to buy her basic needs. 

Create an inclusive environment, donate today.