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Care For The Gifted 

Enable a child in need by supporting inclusion in our community and providing relief to families with special-needs children.
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Ehsan Baby Care

Play apart in nurturing in a child growth

Care For The

Support an elderly in need.

Care For The Disabled

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes​​

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Care For Single Mother

Sponsor A Family . A mother need your help

What is Care For The Gifted

For low-income families with special needs children, the cost of providing for them can be overwhelming. Special education (SPED) schools in Singapore are very expensive, and parents must also set aside funds for their children’s medical needs.

Why Should We Contribute

We aim to ease the journey for these children to live their lives by lightening the load on their parents, on top of all the other daily expenses for a family. It will provide parents of special-needs kids with financial assistance to offset the costs of living, so that they can focus on their child’s needs.

How Your Contribution Work

For the range of $100-$150, you can help a special-needs child and their family and importantly, ease their burdens. This campaign also provides a grocery food pack and monetary assistance to the families.

I am thankful for the support given to my daughter, Nurul Ain who suffered from mild autism. The contribution from Global Ehsan Relief help to ease my daughter's school fees as my husband is the sole breadwinner in the family. 

Mdm Wati, 
Care For The Disabled Beneficiary 

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