Bubur Ramadhan Sponsorship

Ehsan Ramadhan

Make this Ramadhan a time of giving!

Every year, mosques are filled as people queue up to collect Bubur (porridge) for breaking fast. It creates a warm atmosphere between the congregation and the mosque volunteers during Ramadhan. This year, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore is planning to give out free "Bubur" and Roti Jala sets despite the Circuit Breaker. A decent meal that fills the tummy for most of us here in Singapore. We are calling out for sponsors to offer 200 bowls of "Bubur. 100 sets of bowl to be distributed to rental estate homes and another 100 sets to be given out for free at a designated stall located at Geylang Serai Market Hawker Centre.

Imagine the rewards you will be given by Allah swt by feeding those who are fasting. It's immeasurable. Ramadhan is without a doubt a golden opportunity to perform good deeds, as they are multiplied in this blessed month. The Prophet, peace be upon Him, said, "Whoever feeds the person who is breaking his fast, he will have his reward (for fasting) without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person." Hadith narrated by Al-Tardmidhi, Ibn Maajah

$500 for 100 sets


$50 for 10 sets

$250 for 50 sets

You may donate via Paynow or Bank Transfer for sponsorship. Refer to the details by clicking Donate

Here's a look back at what we did during this year's Ramadhan: