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Back To School Programme  

Education Improves Lives
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What is Back To School

This November, we will be providing aid to 500 less fortunate students who are preparing for the new school year ahead. We will equip them with the necessary items they need to study without worry.

Why Should You

We believe that every child deserves to go to school with only one thing in mind - to learn and be the best version of themselves. This cannot happen if they lack the tools they need.

How Your Contribution Works

Each $50 Back to School kit includes stationery, exercise books, a school bag, a water bottle, and school shoes. This will enable caregivers to focus on other expenses for their children, such as groceries and meals.

Danny, Siti and Janna expressed their excitement and joy while going through the items that they received during the Back to School distribution and they could not wait to use the gifts for the new school year.

Danny, Siti and Janna,
Back To School Beneficiaries 


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