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Back To School 2022

Every child deserves to go to school with only one thing in mind – to learn and be the best version of themselves. By providing financial assistance to fund their education, you will enable these children to pursue their biggest dreams.



Last year, alongside our volunteers and GERTV, we managed to benefit 450 students by providing them with school essentials! We strongly believe that every child deserves quality access to education despite their circumstances. Through education, you can empower them to build a better future for themselves and their family.

What is Back To School 2022

Did you know that as many as 90,000 students in Singapore rely on financial aid to get them through their school years? Despite the help, many families are still not able to afford everything that their children need in their education journey. 

Why Should We Contribute

Every year, Global Ehsan Relief aims to support children from low-income families in their preparation for the new school year!

How Your Contribution Works

We provide back-to-school essentials such as new school shoes, school bags and stationery to ease their transition to a new school year. This will also help to lessen the financial strain of the family.

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Beneficiaries' Stories

The Impact of your Donations

Their family gets help from other non-government organisations (NGOs) but when we met them, they were still struggling to find the money to buy milk powder for the little ones...

Our Track Record 

Back To School 2021:


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