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Adopt An Elder 

They raised us up , so      don't let them down.
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What is Adopt An Elder

A new project initiated by Global Ehsan Relief Singapore , in collaboration with Yishun 71. The aim is to uplift seniors residing in a block in Yishun, provide them with daily essentials as well as extending a helping hand to them. 

Why Should We

Most of them live off what’s left of their CPF income after their retirement age, with some having as low as $200 a month to pay for bills, daily necessities such as food and adult diapers, and medical bills. Moreover for some, they still need to continue working in order to pay off their bills and continue a decent standard of living.

How Your Contribution Works

By supporting these elderlies monthly, you will be able to provide them with necessities such as groceries, adult diapers , ready-to-eat meals and house cleaning services. When you contribute $100 every month, you will also get their Profile Booklet and be able to get to know them better!
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Stories of Beneficiaries

"Atuk and Nenek are thankful for everything that we have. We hope to continue receiving support from the generous donors."

Atuk Roslan (not his real name) is the sole breadwinner for his wife and him. He works as a cleaner to support their lives despite his old age. 

During our visit, he was on medical leave as he had suffered a fall a few days before and was still recuperating at home.

His wife is bedridden due to a fall she had a few years back. Currently, she relies on help to get around and to bathe herself. 

Atuk Roslan , 
Adopt An Elder Beneficiary 


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